We are Phoenix Outlaw.

We’re here to kick up dust and make great games.

We’re an independent gaming company out to produce tabletop and live-action games.

We’re committed to finding and celebrating the best talent in our industry.

We resolve to design with courage, to play with sincerity, and to speak and listen with compassion.


We believe in speaking for the silenced.

We work to take the issues head-on and create safe space for progress through play.

We’ll work with transparency and seek feedback every step of the way.

We’ll welcome our friends, fans, and colleagues to join us as we discover what’s new and what’s next.


We’re based in Brooklyn, NY.

We’ve worked at I-CON, DEXCON, Dreamation, Metatopia, and Bronycon. (Seriously. Ask us.)

We’re loyal fans, innovative creators, and enthusiastic players.

And, almost universally, we look good in hats.


On this site, we’ll tell you where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. 

We’ll share our progress as we make the games we’ve always wanted to play.

And we’ll tell you how to play them with us.


See you on the front lines, Outlaw.