Smoke & Glass

Welcome to Kroy, the city of Smoke and Glass.

A black sky hangs over this city, and midday looks like twilight. Stoopsweeps in their rags make a living cleaning soot off rich folk’s doorsteps in the Towers District, while the factories of Smoketown belch the neighborhood’s namesake into the sky…

Smoke & Glass is a Fate Core setting about crime, punishment, and the difference between what’s legal and what’s right. It takes place in Kroy, a steam powered industrial city of factories and skyscrapers built on the wreckage of a magical kingdom. It is scheduled to be Kickstarted soon so stay tuned!


Today, you wake up from fighting a legion of gladiator skeletons.

Today, you wake up, still not finished with the argument you and Poe shared by the timid light of an unplugged star.

Today, you wake up with a string of mysterious numbers running from your wrist to your elbow.

Dreaming is defiance. Are you ready to Dive?

Dreamdiver is a Fate Core game about your imagination. You play as a Diver, running the dreamscape to save the unconscious from the predations of the Night Terrors and the tightening grip of the mega-corp, MYOCLON. The dream itself comes alive as an original character each time you play. Together with your friends, you’ll explore the thoughts, wishes, and ideas of a psychic apocalypse. The game is scheduled to arrive on Kickstarter in March 2014.


Description coming.