Meet Our Staff


Shoshana Kessock


Shoshana Kessock is the co-founder of Phoenix Outlaw Productions. She is in the middle of designing Wanderlust, a game about space exploration, fae, and finding a home.

Read her personal blog at


Josh Harrison


Josh Harrison is the co-founder of Phoenix Outlaw Productions. He is currently working on Dreamdiver, a cyberpunk-meets-Inception Fate Core game set in a world where sleep is suicide and dreaming is defiance.


Kat Schoynheder

Head Editor

Kat leads Phoenix Outlaw’s ruthless, hard working editors.

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Abigail Corfman


Abigail Corfman is the webmaster and technical director of Phoenix Outlaw. She is also the author of the Fate Core setting Smoke & Glass, a Dickensian noir about a city built in the ruins of a destroyed magical civilization. Smoke & Glass is scheduled to be Kickstartered in the coming months. Find details and updates about its development schedule at her blog.

Evan Lidestri

Evan Lidestri – Art Director and Artist in Residence

LaneKuhnerPortrait#1(email) copy

Photo by: Russ Kuhner and Cheekie Lane.

Once upon a time, being a curious child, Evan picked up a pencil and began scribbling to his heart’s delight- all over the kitchen wall.  It was a statement; a gesture of self-expression.  Another statement from his parents followed – the “stand-alone-in-the-corner-and-think-about-what-you’ve-done” variety. After many similar incidents like this, it was obvious what the parent’s had to do.  Get this boy some paper!  Get him some paint!  And so they did.  

A passionate participant of the arts, Evan has done or tried it all. He began his journey with role-playing as a youngster, playing-pretend with the neighborhood kids.  This was further explored by children’s theater, high-school plays, and community theater, side-by-side with musical training including the saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano and guitar and singing in choir, musicals, and opera. He pursued illustration in college, but found his passion for performance more alluring and completed his BA in Theater and Dance at Keene State College.  Further studies included a program at The Neighborhood Playhouse in Manhattan, which focused on acting and modern dance techniques, as well as several courses at The Stella Adler School.

Evan’s ultimate goal as an artist, is to engage and open the mind.  For this reason, he prefers artistic works with loose ends and unfinished corners – The Imagination can do the rest.

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